The celebration of life is the most rewarding way to thank friends

Our harvest celebration is more than a party. It’s a celebration of life. The wines and food we share are important. But most important are the friends old and new who come together at the Quinta.

It’s local celebration, and an international one. Our last was in 2019. A raucous crowd of food loving friends arrived from London and beyond. They were met by raucous friends from the Zibreira coast. Our cousins and uncles who fish the Atlantic. And the team here who make our wines.

Some cooked and some ate. Then some swapped roles. Oisin – originally from Ireland, now the landlord of The Guinea Grill in Mayfair, London – took control of the grill. The old men of the sea might be masters at cooking sardines. But he would look after the tongs for our steaks.

The early autumn sun sets, and more bottles and magnums emerge. If anyone stepped away from the party, they’d see the windmill in the distance gently turning, as the Atlantic breeze flows inland. But the harvest revellers break into song. Protected from cool air by the warming cloak of Touriga Nacional, Aragonez, and Syrah.

We will party together again. For eighteen months a WhatsApp group of friends have made plans, shared jokes and talked about “the last time.” They – you – are our friends. We know that celebrating life is the most rewarding way to thank friends. And we know soon we’ll be able to celebrate life together at Quinta de Boa Esperanca again.