Some rosés have the sincerity

of an air kiss in Cannes.

Not ours.

The Lisbon Atlantic Coast in Portugal isn’t famed for its super-yachts. But our fishing boats are pretty super. Our biggest local celebrities aren’t global film stars, but the people who bring in the fish.

And when it comes to rosé, our local superstars have serious demands. Something to delicious to match the day’s catch on makeshift grills as they fix nets, repair boats and re-live their day at sea.

These were the celebrity endorsements we wanted for Quinta da Boa Esperança – Rosé Atlântico. A wine that shows how rosé can be serious and fine. A complex wine of rich berry fruits, expressive acidity, enormous freshness and a strong minerality. Perfect for pairing with varied summer dishes. Like whatever you caught earlier in the day. Or bought at the shops.

They say great wines come with ‘a sense of place’. Well we don’t have Ferraris, film premieres or face-lifts. Quinta da Boa Esperança – Rosé Atlântico comes from a place of surfers, sailors and sardines.

And proper kisses.