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“The Poor Man’s Motor”

Meet Arinto. When you visit he’ll come to meet you. The Portuguese landscape was once covered in Donkeys like Arinto. Today he’s one of a dwindling, rare breed. Arinto is a Miranda Donkey. For centuries they were the “arms and legs” of Portuguese agriculture. They made otherwise barren landscapes workable. With their powerful legs and […]

Our first “influencer” – the Duke of Wellington

Some people say wine is in “the age of the influencer”. They’re more than a 100 years late. Wine influencers existed long before the age of Instagram and social media. And our first was The Duke of Wellington. The wine lands north of Lisbon have exported wine for centuries. And particularly to Great Britain. We […]


The celebration of life is the most rewarding way to thank friends Our harvest celebration is more than a party. It’s a celebration of life. The wines and food we share are important. But most important are the friends old and new who come together at the Quinta. It’s local celebration, and an international one. […]